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I Am Michael- Traveler and Hustler

Michael is a travel addict. He loves to explore the world and blog about his travels. Michael always has something interesting to say, be it about places he’s been or things he’s learned. He has an extensive background in international relations and communications, which combined with his love for travelling provides him with the perfect combination of skills to share what he learns with others who are interested in exploring the world as well!

What We Do? is a blog site for anything and everything tips and tricks about life. It was founded in 2008 by Michael, a traveler, and blogger from Atlanta who has been living abroad since 2006. The name ear elephant actually came from the combination of two words: “ear” meaning to listen, which I always hope my readers will do when they read any articles on this site, and “elephant”, which means never forgetting what you have learned because it can be very important! My goal is to provide honest insights about how to live a happy life with all its ups and downs while also inspiring people to take action – whether that’s getting out of bed or traveling around the world!

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