My Experience Training with a Personal Rock Climbing Coach

My Journey in rock climbing has been a roller coaster of challenges. As a child, I admired mountain climbers.

My plays were centered around climbing anything that has a height. But I never knew that this is what was going to put food on my table many years to come.

Long story short, after many failed attempts to reach my pick, I felt it was time to take a personal rock climbing coach on board to help me achieve my dreams.

All these years, I saw the potential, but I wanted someone who believed in me and would push me a notch higher to achieve my dreams.

George Smith, a renowned personal climbing coach, was training at Magnum Opus, in Grail, Las Vegas.

He saw me struggle with what to him were the simplest things in this journey. That day he took his time and gave me tips necessary to ensure I reach the peak.

To my surprise, I was able to do it with minimal effort. That was my turning point, anytime I wanted to go for training; he came to my mind as my main support system.

I was forced to change my training schedule to suit his timings to benefit from his valuable rock climbing skills.

Our relationship grew from good to best. After two months of intense training and perseverance, he asked me if I could try and do this as a profession.

Count me lucky, yes, I was a lucky rock climber. Who gets such deals from such a renowned coach. That was a chance I couldn’t afford to let go.

The beginning

George is one patient person when it comes to training. When he now took the mandate as my personal couch, we started with a theory session where he recommended various apps and strength training exercise, which he wanted me to do at home.

He also went a step further and talked about my diet to ensure I have all the required energy for this physically intensive exercise.

The gym session

George noticed that my main weakness was the poor agility level and muscle flexibility which was a hindrance to my strength maintenance.

Therefore, his first point of focus was strength training exercises.

They include

  • Weight lifting
  • Resistance band training
  • Push-ups
  • Weight training on machines

My main source of motivation was the fact that he was doing all these exercises with ease. That is what I love about Smith.

He has more practical training rather than giving instructions while taking a back seat.

One thing I can’t forget about my training with Smith is the day I felt I had done my best, but to him, I had done nothing.

I genuinely asked him, what do I need to do more to become better? You will be surprised by his answer.

George told me to put my pride and ego aside, fire up on the trainings and do more weights. As weird as it sounded, I decided to do exactly that without listening to my body- the muscle pains and aches.

My training peak

One day in our usual training, at the gym, I decided to pick a heavyweight. I never gave a damn; I wanted to do it and move to the next level of my training.

To my surprise, it was simple than I thought. The more I lifted it higher, the better I felt. That was the end of the unending squabbles and quarrels with my trainer.

After, intense training for a week; George organized a mountain climbing session on a tougher route.

George saw potential in me, which personally I either ignored or was too naïve to notice it. For the first time, I was able to be on par with him while climbing the slippery rock.

Along the way, I felt like I’m leaving him behind, but he still urged me to go on and not wait for him.

By the time I was at the last cliff, I had given him a very unusual range. Has your trainer given you a medal?

That was when I first received mine. Little did I know there was a tournament in Italy that he felt it was wise for me to participate

When I came up with the runners-up position medal; that was when I knew I had the potential and I was sleeping on it.

Are you struggling with your rock climbing passion? Are you in doubt of your skills or are you harboring an inner fear of impossibility? If that defines you, then this is your chance. Look for a personal training coach to help you identify your potential, work on your weakness and push you hard to achieve your objective.